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What Is Commercial Photography?

            Commercial photography is the use of photography to advertise merchandise a company is trying to sell. Commercial photography can be found in magazines, menus, and corporate brochures. When advertising a product line or specific product, photographers tend to focus on the products specific design that makes it unique to other similar products, or the usage of the product. When taking the taking commercial photography, it is important to magnify the detail and feel of the merchandise to the viewing customer as well as the status and main attractions of that product. Commercial photography is not only used for merchandise, but for promoting businesses, food photographs for menus, used in fashion photography, and portrait photography as well. Each subsection of this wide spread style of photography brings their own unique and interesting twist on how to attract someone’s eye to the lastest product on the market. Commercial Photography is a great way to  help society and the economy in the business world.

Maria Hallberg
1/11/2013 03:47:15 am

I really liked the the way the product was displayed on the pictures.(:

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1/11/2013 03:53:59 am

really liked the coke picture

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thanks for the tips and information..i really appreciate it..

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