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What Is Negative Space?

Negative space is the extra space that is surrounds the main subject in an image. Often photographers spend a lot of time thinking about the subjects that they are photographing , such as posing portrait subjects, positioning them in the shot, getting them exposed correctly, etc, etc. We use it to see shapes and sizes more effectively, and produce better composed images. However the space around your main subject is just as important, it can make or break your image. Negative space can bring a sense of balance to your image, it can strengthen composition, it can help draw the eye to the subject and give it more power and it can add a lot of interest to your shot. Negative space is used commonly in portraits and landscapes, but can be found in any field of photography.

My Ideas

For my negative photography project I would either like to:
* Bring in a prop to photography such as a stuffed animal, book, etc., etc.
*A facial close up
*A poster/photo
*One of the banners that are hung up around the campus

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